Cerita dari s’-Hertogenbosch Belanda

Emaknya Benjamin br. Silaen

Hi! I'm Nella a Bataknese. I currently live in Germany, however I'm originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm a full-time-stay-at-home-mom. I have a lot of passions of gardening.

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3 Responses

  1. bertha says:

    Hi Nella, please tell me about the foods you’ve been ate when you traveled in NL. Btw who is LM? I think he is your boyfriend already, does he? Ups… sorry….

    • pursuingmydream says:

      The foods? Mostly I ate Indonesian foods because I live at my Indo friends such as ketupat sayur, babi ketjap, teri balado, sayur daun singkong, nasi goreng, yumieee..
      LM is a just ordinary friend nothing special to tell more about that person, my bf live in Zweisimmen, Switzerland ;-).

      • bertha says:

        Before you cooked it they should be frozen foods already? Oouw…. I thought do you have another one bf? Sorry…^_^

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