Blog Award

I did not expect it, but many bloggers care for my blog thank you all  🙂

Award that I got from blogger friends:

Inner Peace Award on June 10,  2013. From Namaste summer

Inner Peace Award

Inner Peace Award

Very Inspiring Blogger Award on February  3,  2013. From Dyaz Afryan ;

on February  4,  2013 from katrinayusof.wordpress (blog sudah tidak aktif) ; on February 5th from Evan and on Feb. 16 from Ichsan

Very Inspiring Blogger Award From  Dyaz & Katrina

Very Inspiring Blogger Award

Sunshine Awards  on  January 6th , 2013. From  Denny Leo.


Sunshine Award

Sunshine Award

One Lovely Blog Award  for 2nd time on  Oktober 19, 2012.  From Krishna’ Pictures & Note .


One Lovely Blog Award (2)

One Lovely Blog Award (2)

Reality Blog Award on Oktober 15, 2012.  From The London Flower Lover. 

Reality Blog  Award

Reality Blog Award


So Sweet Blog Award  on  Oktober 1st, 2012. From Iceland Penny.


So Sweet Blog

So Sweet Blog


The Beautiful Blogger Award on Agustus 22nd, 2012. From The Bowtie Butterfly (Blog isn’t active anymore).

Beautiful Blogger Award-1

Beautiful Blogger Award-1


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