selamat datang kembali di Zweissimen, Switzerland 14.06.2011Hello welcome to my blog. My name is Nella Ria Silaen, for simply call me Nella. Maybe sometime you will find my screen name as Emaknya Benjamin.

I come from Jakarta, Indonesia. I¨m the first child in the family. I have one sister and two younger brothers (Roy and Andre), Oh yes and two beautiful nieces Kiarra Sitanggang and Galen Sitanggang.

My father surnamed “Silaen” from the village who was also named “Silaen”, and my mother boru “Panjaitan” from the village named “Huta Ginjang”. Batak clan lineage in inherited his father’s side, that`s why my last name “Silaen”.

Married to the man of my dreams. Proud mommy of Benjamin Emanuel (15.07.2014) and Lisa Marie (06.03.2017). We lived in Bad Rappenau, Sinsheim, Germany.

I love to sing, although my voice is not too good, I like pop music, Gospel music, English, Indonesian, even Batak songs. Celine Dion is my favorite singer. I also like the others singer such as Adele, David Guetta, Rihanna, Kelly Clarkson etc and now seem to like also German pop singers so i can learn this languange as well.

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I have a lot of passions of gardening. I love Flowers and green plants and then I like to cook and to bake, I tried many new recipes and like to explored it.

Gardening is the main theme of this blog, second theme is life story in Germany, and sometime I write also story about my boy Benjamin .

With this blog, I’d like to tell my days outside of my beloved country Indonesia. To keep my family and friends informed of my progress .. and anyone you might accidentally be thrown into this blog could come back whenever you want to see what’s new 😎 .

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