May 30, 2020

My Balcony Garden – BEC

My Balcony Garden – BEC.

A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift;

above all it teaches entire trust. – Gertrude Jekyll


This is my first post on 2015. I joined BEC (Blog English Club), so I write this time in english, sorry for you my mom, that you can not understand this post 😛 . BEC held every Friday and this month we have three theme.

Jan 9 – The theme is 2015 in one word. Describe 2015 in one word.
Jan 16 – Wildest dream.
Jan 23 – How Gadget Affects Our Life
Jan 30 – It is a recap time. This month will be doing by Dani.The theme is 2015 in one word.

Everyone are invited to join BEC, we like to learn together. We are come from not from english speaking country so i guess everyone will accept it when someone make mistake with grammar.

Describe 2015 in one word?


If you follow my blog from beginning you will find that mostly my post is about gardening.

I was start gardening when I moved to Germany in mid 2011. I made many trial and error. I read alot of gardening book, gardening magazine, follow gardening blog and even I love to watch gardening show on TV. Guess what even when I want to go sleep I’ thinking what I gonna do tomorrow on my garden 😛 . Sound Crazy isn’t it ?. But I’m not the crazy one, if I read other gardening blog I found that I’m not the only one who’s crazy about gardening.

I don’t want talk too much, but I like to show you my garden since I started it. I started it on mid 2011, but I was failed that time 🙁 .

Year 2012 when my husband and I lived in Bad Rappenau, that was first trial error garden

Vegetables garden :


My garden on summer 2012


My garden on 2013

My Balcony Garden - BEC. Tulips season at my house. Feb 2013
Tulips season at my house. Feb 2013


My sunflowers. Summer 2013
My sunflowers. Summer 2013


My balcony garden on summer 2013
My balcony garden on summer 2013


My garden on 2014 . I was so proud on that year, you can see my beautiful flowers and garden below :


Don’t think that I always succeed, many time I have to Identifying and Controlling Garden Pests to keep my garden like I want.

Sometimes it’s so frustrating when I planted the seeds and not grow. I tried again, again and again. The key is Never stop until it works. I have to read and learning more. Übung macht den meister – Practice makes perfect! 😉 .

My garden on 2015, so far like this, lol 😛

Bagaimana cara bersihkan salju tebal begini
Bagaimana cara bersihkan salju tebal begini


Saat musim dingin burung-burung tidak bisa cari makanan jadi orang-orang sini taruh makanan buat burung liar
Saat musim dingin burung-burung tidak bisa cari makanan jadi orang-orang sini taruh makanan buat burung liar


Hancur minaaa tanaman-tanamanku tertutup salju
Hancur minaaa tanaman-tanamanku tertutup salju


Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. – Luther Burbank

If you like to read my gardening post you can find here my garden all post on Bahasa.

Happy gardening everyone :mrgreen:

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Hi! I'm Nella a Bataknese. I currently live in Germany. However, I'm originally from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm a full-time-stay-at-home-mom of two. I have a lot of passions for gardening.

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62 thoughts on “My Balcony Garden – BEC

  1. wahhh cantiikk banget balkonnya.. bunga2nyaa :))
    saya kalo nanem sesuatu yang pake bibit suka gak suksess
    nanem bunga apalagi hehehehe
    kalo belimbing, mangga, rambutan bisa awet sampai pohonnya tinggi2 :p

    salm kenal mbak 🙂

    1. Hai Enno salam kenal juga ya 🙂 .
      Untuk nanam bibit yang ukurannya kecil sebaiknya disemai di tray peneyemaian dahulu.
      Paling mudah gunakan wadah bekas air mineral. Setelah tumbuh 4-6 daun baur pindah ke pot lebih besar 😉 .

  2. Your garden is amazing! I love all the pretty flowers, such a lovely variety. I also think the photo of the three of you is very sweet. Beautiful baby, beautiful family 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing with Today’s Flowers and I wish you a very happy weekend 🙂

  3. Dear Mb Nella…. yes I found your lovely post through The Garden Bloggers Bloom Day… mmmuaah…

    I love to see your garden, anything you grow are lovely, I am sure you have inspired many people to gardening (me included 🙂 )
    please don’t get frustrated when the seeds jz don’t germinate, every gardener failed too,, 🙂

    thanks for those bulbs and seeds, you can see the mignon dahlias. They’re dominating my garden and giving me beautiful blossoms.

    Happy gardening…
    With love,

  4. A garden is a grand teacher…….
    Yes garden teach us about hard work, harmony, help each other soil-plant-climate-human. Thanks Nella for sharing nice balcony garden.

  5. Woww… your balcony garden is so beautifull sista Nella ^_^
    Makes me want to nongkrong there and makan-makan with Ben.. ( Ben udah makan apa ya sekarang ? bubur ya )
    But btw, what is nongkrong and makan-makan in english *lol

  6. iiihhhhhh, cakeeep taman kecilnyaaa…rumahku jg kecil dan g ada taman mba… tp ada 1 ruangan yg atapnya nembus ke atas, jd sinar matahari bisa masuk… nah drdulu pgn bikin tman di situ… tp kok bnyk yg mati -_- masih hrs bnyk bljar nih soal tanaman

  7. Baca Balcony Garden eehh….. tiba2 ingat nama District Belconnen di Canberra, Australia…..
    He3….. ga nyambung 🙂

  8. hahaha.. it’s funny, especially the last photos.. You are awesome at gardening, it’s okay for the withered plants, I’m sure that they will be a beautiful garden when the spring comes. 🙂

    1. Iya sementara berkebun di balkon dulu, nanti klo pindah rumah lagi semoga dpt yg ada tamannya 😀 . Nyoba nanam 2 atau 3 tanaman dulu Dhy, klo sdh sukses nambah lagi dan lagi 😉 . Oh ya PR dari km sudah ku buat draftnya, ku jadwal posting awal minggu depan, sorry kelamaan ya 😀 .

  9. Wahhh ijaahh,,, abis dikomen malah muncul gambarnya. Mohon ignore saja komen sebelumnya.

    You have a beautiful garden <3 Lovelyyyy
    Berarti tiap tahun kena salju musti ulamg dari awal gitu ya mba? Sayang banget, walaupun salju2 itu terlihat cantik.

    1. Banyak yg ga ulang dari awal ko. Memang daun-daun tanaman kebanyakana akan rontok ga tahan dingin, tp pas musim semi akan numbuh lagi. Klo tanaman sayuran semuanya iya ngulang dari awal lagi 😀 .

  10. I can’t wait for us to start gardening season again! In about another month, I will start all of our seedlings downstairs and get them started under the grow lights! I can’t wait! What you have started looks really awesome!

  11. Wah. It is not an easy job. I know. I saw my mom do it also. Plant this. Replace this and that. Until the flower come up.. Beautiful.

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