When Is the Best Time of Day to Water Phalaenopsis Orchids?

When Is the Best Time of Day to Water Phalaenopsis Orchids?. Phalaenopsis commonly known as moth orchids is a genus of about seventy species of plants in the family Orchidaceae. Orchids in this genus are monopodial epiphytes or lithophytes with long, coarse roots, short, leafy stems and long-lasting, flat flowers arranged in a flowering stem that often branches near the end.

When Is the Best Time of Day to Water Phalaenopsis Orchids?

Phalaenopsis Orchids are native to India, China, Southeast Asia, New Guinea and Australia with the majority in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Watering the moth orchids too much can cause the orchid roots to rot and eventually die. Unlike most house plants, orchids should be watered only when they begin to dry.

Root rot is a disease that occurs in Phalaenopsis orchids when watered too much.

Root rot Phalaenopsis makes the roots appear brown and soft, and because nutrients are sent to plants through the root system, not having roots is almost certainly a death sentence for plants.

All my moth orchids use transparent pots, so I can see the color of the orchid roots when it needs watering. I made many holes in the orchid Phalaenopsis pot so that the air circulation is better.

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The green root Phalaenopsis orchid means that it has enough water. The next watering is when the orchid root is gray (inside the pot), if it’s still green, wait for 1 to 2 more days to be watered.

I live in the country for 4 seasons, and I grow the orchids indoors. During the winter months, I water orchids once a week or up to 10 days.

For orchids in large pots can take up to 14 days need to be water, I see the inside of the roots, while still green means the moth orchid still doesn’t need water.

Outside the winter months, I water orchids once a week, and in summer I water them orchid twice a week.

Video How to Know When to Water Phalaenopsis Orchids to Avoid Root Rot

When is the best time of day to water orchids?

If the orchid is watered very early in the morning, there is a chance that at night the orchid media will dry (not too wet / not too moist), if it is too wet the media will cause mold.

In summer, I put the orchids that are heat-resistant outside the house, such as Dendrobium, Cattleya, and Vanda orchids and I water them (outside orchids) in the afternoon.

If you put the orchids outside the house, it is appropriate to water the orchids in the afternoon, starting at 5 or 6 pm, when the sun has fallen, and the sunlight does not directly hit the orchids. In the afternoon, starting at 5 or 6 o’clock the stomata of the plant leaves open. So the absorption of water is better, the absorption of fertilizer also gets better.


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